Field Management

Platforms and services to track the status of your projects, to manage interviewers and to receive update in realtime.

Questionnaire Scripting

A multi-platform expertise to manage CAPI/CATI/CAWI scripting for market research surveys.

Data Processing

Powerful data aggregation and cleaning. Mastering tabulation and statistical analyses, from QUANTUM to SPSS and R.

Software Development

Searching deep into data with custom algorithms, scaling libraries and open platforms.

Field Management

Track in realtime

We support field operators by providing updated information.

Our web-based platform combined to your CATI/CAPI system gives you an overview of recruitment, quotas and major statistical measurements.

Get things managed

By enabling interviewers access to our CAPI management platform, you can track CAPI studies by ease.

Just few click to track field and accumulate data.

Script Programming

Data Collection

We can program and deploy your survey in our secure web storage.
It’s the perfect environment, client free and web based, to enable field operators to accomplish data entry tasks.

An integrated monitor display the realtime values of interviews and the main statistical measurements.

Sawtooth Scripting

We can program and deploy your questionnaire.
Either in case of CAPI, or in case of CAWI, we can support your researcher by coding questionnaire, including conjoint exercises (CBC, ACBC, etc.).

With our web-based platform we can manage also interviewers software deployments, and data collection and merging phases.

Data Processing

  Tabs & Interactive Charting

We offer an extensive experience in SPSS Quantum cleaning and tabulation.

We also create interactive charts of data and dashboards.

Your data will be published on our visualization platform in a different non-static and insightful representation, explorable with almost every web browser including mobile.

  Market Analyses and Statistical Support

We can support you in designing and evaluating statistical models.

We have an extensive experience in several analysis models: conjoint, adaptive conjoint, text mining and many others.

  R & SPSS Support

We can write extension for SPSS, implementing custom routines, including user interface. Several programming languages skills are in our portfolio: R script, python, c++, java.

Software Development

  Custom algorithms

A team of skilled developers can help you in development of algorithms and statistical functions, combining existing primitives.

We combine deep knowledge of software architecture (windows, linux, unix/bsd, macosx) with elements from statistics.

  Interactive Dashboard

We can design and code your custom Decision Support System.

Our developers will develop custom statistical analyses appliance to manage your knowledge base and your data sources.

  Custom data repository (DB)

We can help you to implement the best architecture for your corporate data mining system.

We will help your researchers to build an enterprise archive of data, for custom reports and data mining.

Feedbacks & Questions

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